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videos for websites

videos for websites

Technical info

Duration: 120 secondsFr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD VideoMedium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Synopsis videos for websites

We created this videos for websites for Feedthearts.com. Animated online Videos are increasingly getting popular as it boosts the sales effort.

videos for websites

       In today’s fast pace world, when video advertising volume is rising faster, ignoring the importance of Animated videos for websites would not be a wise business decision. Being short, crisp, engaging and audience targeted, they are helpful in raising the online visibility of a company. Exploit the power and potential of videos for websites – today! How do you effectively engage your audience without overwhelming them with loads of information? By creating a simple and engaging online videos that effectively communicates your message.. We create the best professional videos for websites at affordable price.

VOICE SCRIPT of videos for websites

      videos for websites.
    Meet Alex he is looking for crowd funding for his new songs. He has a huge fan base but not all his fans have money to fund his music album. This is Susan; she has a dream of publishing her first novel. Although some of the existing crowd funding sites can help her get cash, they aren’t able to complete her dream and connect her to a publisher. Then they found Feedthearts.com. Where they created their pages and picked the Service Provider. Now Alex’s fans are helping him fund his music album without spending any money. They spend TIME by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping and earning Virtual Currency called HELPING HANDS. They can Give their Helping Hands to Alex’s project or redeem it for Alex’s merchandise or tickets to his events! Meanwhile Susan’s project is funded by her smaller base of fans with money, and now she is working with the publisher of her choice who will finally make her dream come true. Alex selected a Budget Package from a well known Recording Studio in New York City and when his project is funded he knows exactly what he will get and will go into production and fulfill his dream of getting a professional demo made for his songs! Feedthearts.com is the webs only true ‘community arts marketplace’ that allows Filmmakers, Authors, Visual Artists and Musicians to: – Raise Funding for Projects – Select Service Providers for Production (hundreds to choose from) – Sell Merchandise – Sell Event Tickets – Build a Dedicated Fan Base Feedthearts.com Completes Artistic Dreams rather than just raise funds! from pre-funding, production, distribution, fan building and merchandising all in one easy to use location and through its unique giving model, allows everyone to participate! Artists, Fans and Service Providers all joining together to Feed The Arts! It’s free and easy – take the first step – join the Feed The Arts Community and get involved in a creative journey! Do you need similar videos for websites at affordable price? Contact us now at mailme(at)amodfilms.com .

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