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Video Animation Synopsis

http://www.amodfilms.com created this Explainer Video Animation for Traffline. We created two characters “Ramesh” and “Suresh” for this Explainer Video Animation. Through this two Everyday Indian guys we explained the concept of Traffline. How it works. But instead of a regular bullet point Explainer Video Animation. We created a script to tell a interesting story to add engagement and awesomeness to the Explainer Video Animation.

    Explainer Video Animation

    In today’s fast pace world, when video advertising volume is rising faster. Ignoring Explainer Video Animation for your startup would not be a wise business decision. Being short, crisp, engaging and audience targeted. Explainer Video Animation are helpful in raising the online visibility of a company. Use Explainer Video Animation for pitching your business idea to potential investors. Exploit the power and potential of Explainer Video Animation. By allowing us to creating a simple and engaging Explainer Video Animation. that effectively communicates your message. We create the best professional Explainer Video Animation for your business at affordable price.

    VOICE SCRIPT of Explainer Video Animation

    startup video production.

      Meet Ramesh and Suresh. They are to attend a meeting.

      RAMESH Hey what’s up?
      SURESH You know we have a meeting, so I am preparing to move now.
      RAMESH Why so early
      SURESH I have information about the bad traffic. So I will be taking an alternate route.
      RAMESH Hey Coooool, there cannot be traffic at this time. Traffic gets bad only after an hour.
      SURESH I just received an SMS that gave me this live traffic alert. So I am being cautious.
      RAMESH Just chill, Mr Worry guy. I travel daily.

      SURESH Ok see you there in office.

      Both started on different route trying to reach on time. Well! Ramesh left half an hour late.

      But..What is this why Ramesh is so pissed off…hmmm it’s the bad traffic And why Suresh has taken such a long route.

      Ho oh Ramesh is really frustrated as he is stuck in a bad jam. But hey Suresh seems to be cool even at the red light. It looks like he had already accounted for this time.

      Oh no! Ramesh is totally restless as he might miss the meeting.

      And where is Suresh…wow he is already attending the meeting.

      Oh finally Ramesh also reached office. Pheeeww!!

      But the meeting is already over.

      RAMESH Hey I should have listened to you man.

      SURESH I am no fortune-teller, I just listen to what ‘Traffline’ tells me.

      RAMESH What is Traffline?

      SURESH ‘Traffline’ gives live traffic information via PC and Mobile phone, it is a free application.

      RAMESH We are moving so fast who will turn on PC and phone to check information.

      SURESH Well, we can also check on Traffline call centre for immediate help or alternately subscribe to the service.

      Ha ha Happy ending! If you too want happy ending.
      Check website www.traffline.com and free mobile apps (android, iPhone and Blackberry).
      Reach call centre @9223 111 000 or subscribe for daily SMS alerts.

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    Technical info

    Duration: 120 seconds Fr rate: 30/sec
    Format: HD Video Medium:hand drawn
    Produced by: Amod Films
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