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Storybook Technical info

Title: Childrens storybook
Written By: Savitri Mahapatro
Published By:Africa Rice Centre

We created this children’s storybook under guidance from Savitri Mahapatra. She had written the book and wanted child friendly illustrations. We created illustrations with cute character designs and colorful pages. We also had to bring in the African environment and characters. illustration for children is quit tricky and it may not be successful unless target group testing is done at every stage of creation. While creating illustration for children we continuously had target group testing for each of our characters and illustrations. This gave us confidence to move ahead from the initial phase to finally developing the final art work. Even after completing the whole project we gave them ( the target group) to review. after all we were creating the illustration for children. So it has to be approved by them first.

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If you need engaging visuals for your children storybook contact us now. We create the best professional illustration for children at affordable price. Very attractive colorful pages for kids to deeply involve in the stories. Kids just love the colorful pages with cute characters and stunning backgrounds

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