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Storyboard Artist

Storyboard Artist Details

Storyboard Artist created this Storyboard Animation for movie – a Hollywood Horror Movie. We received the screenplay and first created the key scenes which highlight the main story. Then we created the lead characters. Once the lead characters were approved Storyboard Artist went ahead and created the rough thumbnail sketches. The thunail sketches were first edited with music. Once the flow was right, Storyboard Artist went ahead and polished the drawings. We also added the lighting information. The final storyboard was then reviewed for any further fine tuning. What you see here is a collection of few key scenes to present the overall feel of the story. This is not the complete storyboard package. If you need a Storyboard Artist, storyboard for film or storyboard for video or storyboard for music video, contact us now. We can also create storyboard in flash, Storyboard making or Storyboarding is easy for us in storyboard India. This is just an storyboard example or storyboard reel we can show you the complete storyboard presentation and you will be amazed to see our storyboard art. This storyboard is made by Amod Films.

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