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Skill: Web Video

startup video production

startup video production

Technical info

Duration: 120 seconds
Fr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Synopsis startup video

http://www.amodfilms.com created this startup video for RedQuanta.Startup Videos are increasingly getting popular as it boosts the sales effort.

startup video production

       In today’s fast pace world, when video advertising volume is rising faster, ignoring startup video for your startup would not be a wise business decision. Being short, crisp, engaging and audience targeted, they are helpful in raising the online visibility of a company. You can use the startup video for pitching your business idea to potential investors. Exploit the power and potential of startup videos – By allowing us to creating a simple and engaging startup video that effectively communicates your message.. We create the best professional startup videos for your business at affordable price.

VOICE SCRIPT of startup video production

      startup video production.
    I like it when the store manager greets me personally whenever I visit. I like my food served fresh and hot as promised by the restaurant. I am uncompromising when it comes to hygiene and care when I visit a spa. I like the politeness with which my complaints are taken care of; at that e-store. I like companies that take me seriously and hear me out when I give them feedback. I am just like you. But a little smarter. Coz I joined RedQuanta’s shopper network. And they made sure that my voice is heard by the people running these companies. And guess what, I am even re-imbursed for my expenses and bills. Here’s how it works. Sign up on RedQuanta.com. Scroll through the assignments. Select & Apply for the assignment that you like. Upon confirmation; Shop & report your experience to RedQuanta online or through their mobile application. Shop & report your experience to RedQuanta through their website or mobile application. They share your report with the top management so that next time you are at the location ; you find the service more personal, staff more cheerful or the display more attractive.You can actually feel the difference that you made there; just by sharing your experiences with them. And not to forget; see your efforts paying back in your bank account. Wow! Isn’t it? So before you go and pamper yourself in your favourite salon or take your loved one on a coffee date or enjoy your weekend watching movies at a multiplex; make sure you are a shopper on RedQuanta’s network. More and more people are making RedQuanta their voice and are helping companies improve and serve you better. Have you joined yet? Register now on www.redquanta.com and make that change happen! ! Do you need similar startup video production for your business at affordable price? Contact us now at mailme(at)amodfilms.com .

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