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Startup Explainer Video

Startup Explainer Video

Startup Explainer Video

Technical info

Duration: 30 seconds
Fr rate: 30fps
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Startup Explainer Video

We created this explainer video for a unique startup named NEWSIVITY. Explainer videos have become indispensable marketing tool. If you don’t have an explainer video on your homepage you will not know about the great marketing opportunity you are missing. Get an affordable startup explainer video. Contact us now at mailme(at)amodfilms dot com.

Startup Explainer Video

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Creative brief

      Startup Explainer Video Script
    The world is changing. And more rapidly now than ever in history. GLOBAL NEWS is our game, and its a game we are changing.

    Mainstream news coverage feeds the masses an overload of negative info daily. We hear more about war, famine, poverty, crime, disasters and destruction, than we do about the good things.

    When the focus remains led by bad news, it desensitizes, demotivates and it makes you feel helpless.

    So how about we shift the focus…?

    Welcome to the world of NEWSIVITY!!

    We exist to change how news is led. We are “Shifting News…” towards the good and important stuff.

    We know bad things happen around the globe. But more than the bad, there is also much GOOD happening worldwide. And if we must look at the bad things. Let’s look at it from a solution focused perspective rather than as muted bystanders.
    Allow us to make you laugh, smile, get inspired, feel motivated. And empowered again without switching off the news.

    Welcome to NEWSIVITY… where we are Shifting news… towards a new direction.

    Visit: www.newsivity.com
    Find us on Twitter and Facebook
    Get in touch directly: info@newsivity.com

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