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medical animation in flash HIV Stages

Medical animation in flash HIV Stages details

Technical info of medical animation in flash

Duration: 6 minutesFr rate: 25/sec
Format: BroadcastMedium: HD Animation Video
Produced by: Bethel Health Builders


medical animation in flash Synopsis

we created this medical animation in flash under supervision of Bethel Health Builders to explain the various stages of HIV.This medical animation in flash will show you how HIV infection affects a person’s health over the years.The good news is that a person with HIV who lives a healthy lifestyle, gets regular medical care and takes medications can live for 25 years or more after infection. However, the individual who fails to take these steps will experience a series of infections, lose weight and usually die within 10 to 12 years. HIV is a tiny virus carried in the blood, male and female sex fluids and the breast milk of an HIV-infected person. Infected fluids can enter a person’s body through tiny breaks in the skin and enter the blood. Tiny police cells are present in the blood to protect a person from germs. These cells are called CD4 cells. HIV harms the body by attacking the CD4 cells. At some time during the first month or so after HIV enters the body, a person may have a brief flu-like illness. Symptoms may include fever, fatigue, rash, headache, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat. If you need similar medical animation in flash please contact us at mailme(at)amodfilms.com One of the best medical animation companies in india. Apart from medical animation in flash we also create explainer video to explain complex concept in a simple, succinct and engaging way. HIV medical animation in flash can also refered as medical animation 2d, medical animation in flash, medical animation India, 2d animation medical, medical flash videos, medical animation companies, medical animation video, hiv animation video, hiv animation, hiv animation flash, hiv animation youtube, 2d medical animation. Hit the like button if you liked this medical animation in flash. Feel free to share this medical animation in flash

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