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Explainer Animation

Explainer Animation Details

Explainer Animation

Duration: Explainer Animation for a Product.

Explainer Animation Synopsis

http://www.amodfilms.com created this explainer animation video for No Bulls Supplements, Australia. This has been an interesting project. Because we were asked to create a character resembling the owner. Mr Van owns this product. To create the character we looked at various photos of Van. Coming up with various color combination for costumes and shoes etc. Finally after character was approved we created storyboard before animating it.

Explainer Animation Script

VOICE: This is Van. Van was tired of being scrawny.

Visual: (Van as a cartoon character is standing in the middle of the screen, looking depressed.)

VOICE: so for the last few years he’s been on a mission to look fit and become strong.

Visual: Van is seen lifting weights (bench press) and then jogging on a treadmill.

VOICE: To achieve this, Van needed effective supplements.

Visual: Protein shake appear on top of the screen and Van looks up at them.

VOICE: The problem with finding the right supplements is that there are lot of inferior products disguised behind hyperbole and marketing gimmicks.

Visual: Supplements goes inside his mouth and Van shows his muscles but it is still the same and he is angry.

VOICE: That’s why Van started No Bull Supplements.

Visual: Company Logo animates in screen.

VOICE: a company which sell pure supplements.

Visual: Text animation of “PURE supplements”.

VOICE: that are backed by legitimate research.

Visual: Scientist experimenting in a lab.

VOICE: At No Bull Supplements, we employ a direct business model.

Visual: Company logo and the following texts zoom into screen word by word “direct business model.”.

VOICE: We avoid wholesalers, distributors and agents by selling directly to our customers.

Visual: Dotted line starts from “Company logo” moves towards “wholesalers” crosses it and moves towards “distributors” crosses it and moves towards “agents” crosses it and hits “customers”.

VOICE: The vast majority of our products are also manufactured here in Australia.

Visual: Map of Australia — with products popping up at various places on the map.

VOICE: By avoiding the additional overheads that are built into products from other brands, we’re able to sell our products at the lowest prices possible.

Visual: Van serving a customer at the counter, gives the customer more change than he expected, customer is happy.

VOICE: So, don’t be fooled by expensive imitations claiming to offer better products.

Visual: Overly muscular man is pinched by a needle and air blows out of him leaving him thin and skinny.

VOICE: You’re smarter than that. C’mon, be a part of the No Bull team!.

Visual: A lot of people pop up wearing a shirt that says “Team No Bull” poping up is like the example video.

VOICE: No Bull Supplements Australia – where brains meet brawn!.

Visual: Company logo with a Healthy and happy VAN (fit, lean, a bit of muscle).

Text: “where brains meet brawn!” appears on screen word after word.

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Explainer Animation

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Explainer Animation

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Explainer Animation

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Explainer Animation cost

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Explainer Animation

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