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Cool explainer videos

Cool explainer videos

Cool explainer videos

Technical info

Duration: 90 seconds
Fr rate: 30fps
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Cool explainer videos

We create Cool explainer videos. We animated this explainer video for Funtuse. A Breakthrough revolutionary content app fueled with complex algorithms. Massive lists of educative eBooks , videos , audio books , music and games. Helps you find age appropriate content for your kids. All in one place from all over the world. Created by experts , physiologists and teachers. The look and feel is kept as colorful as possible. This is done keepng in mind the target audience – children. If you need a similar Cool explainer video please contact at mailme(at)amodfilms dot com.

Cool explainer videos

      We also create Product explainer video, greate explainer videos, Animated videos, Animated commercial, App intro videos and YouTube advertisement. We create Cool explainer videos with lots of enthusiasm and positive energy which reflects in all our videos. If you have a similar product and want to make your customers relate more easily with what you do please contact us today at mailme(at) amodfilms.com

Cool explainer videos SCRIPT

      Cool explainer videos
    Are you worried about what your child is learning in your absence ?

    I was worried too. My husband and I have very little spare time. As we spend our days busy with our jobs or doing household chores. At the end of the day, we are exhausted. And have little energy to spend hours on Google. To search & buy expensive digital content for our kids. That are suitable for their age, are fun. And help our kids in their overall development.

    And I was always concerned the way our kids would watch mindless content. All the time on television. Being bombarded with constant advertisements. Influencing their young minds.

    But not anymore..

    We found FUNTUSE.

    Where we can quickly find age appropriate content. eBooks ,videos, audio books, music, games. All in one place. The content is selected from all over the world. Curated by experts, children psychologists and teachers. Where for a few dollars subscription. We now enjoy UNLIMITED access to fantastic content, anytime, anywhere.

    Now our kids are happy, when we are traveling in a car or shopping in supermarkets. Because apart from desktop, FUNTUSE is also available on tablets and smartphones.

    You know what the BEST PART is ?

    WE get weekly & monthly reports. On what our kids are watching or reading. And we SAVE a ton of money.

    Now we can spend quality time with our kids. Enjoying and learning together, from their personalized library.

    I mean that’s how we always wanted to raise our kids. Right?

    Ensure your kids have a GREAT future.

    Join the world of FUNTUSE, today

    If you need a similar animated advertisement video. please contact us at mailme (at) amodfilms dot com

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