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Cartoon Style Animation

Cartoon Style Animation

Technical info

Duration: 180 seconds
Fr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Synopsis Cartoon Style Animation

http://www.amodfilms.com created this Cartoon Style Animation for Incendant. We create the Cartoon Style Animation to boosts your sales effort.

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VOICE SCRIPT of Cartoon Style Animation

      Cartoon Style Animation.
    This is Mark.

    As simple and clear as his caregiver tries to make it, Mark like most patients, has trouble understanding all he needs to know. Because in a lot of ways, his caregiver is speaking a different language.

    The average American’s health literacy is about the same as a 4th grader while his caregiver has studied health for many years.

    Studies show that people MISUNDERSTAND half the information they receive, and then FORGET 80% of what they were told.

    No wonder so many patients, even after receiving care, don’t get better, and have to be seen repeatedly for the same problem.

    Patients’ and caregivers’ time and money is wasted, and Mark is left confused and unsatisfied.

    Incendant bridges the communication gap, engaging patients so they truly understand their healthcare.

    Over 100 studies have shown that patient engagement significantly improves health outcomes and saves money.

    Did you know that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text?

    And images increase learning by 400% ? In contrast, spoken and written language is abstract, and more difficult to understand and retain.

    Knowing how the mind works makes it easier to engage patients in there own care.

    Incendant makes Patient Engagement easier for caregivers, and easier for patients.

    Engaging the senses through pictures and video is just the beginning.

    For many reasons, most clinicians only have ONE chance to briefly and verbally educate their patients.

    They may also give them some written instructions.

    So what happens when the patient is home and the caregiver is unavailable?

    With Incendant, patient education and engagement continues

    Our cloud based education is available 24 hours a day, from any location. Even weeks later!

    Incendant has captured the important information in videos, pictures, explanations, and animations.

    And we make them available to patients like Mark, on waiting room televisions and kiosks, In exam rooms, on tablets and PCs.

    Caregivers can send videos and follow up emails. so patients can review the videos at any time. By sharing this information, family and friends can also be engaged.

    Now that’s Engagement! That’s 360 degree patient education.

    But the rubber meets the road where the caregiver and patient get results.

    Communication. Understanding. Satisfaction. Everyone’s happy.

    We’ve just scratched the surface of how Incendant can revolutionize your patient education. Go to Incendant.com for a demonstration, and to contact to a sales representative.

    Patient Clarity, Caregiver Simplicity.

    We bridge the gap.

    if you need a similar cartoon style animation, please contact us at mailme@amodfilms.com

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