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Best Explainer Videos

Best Explainer Videos

Technical info

Duration: 120 seconds
Fr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Synopsis Best Explainer Videos

http://www.amodfilms.com created this Explainer Video Animation for Subbyfinder. We create the Best Explainer Videos to boosts your sales effort.

Best Explainer Videos

      In today’s fast pace competitive world you need the Best Explainer Videos. To stay ahead of your competition get the Best Explainer Videos from amodfilms.com. Being short, crisp, engaging and audience targeted, they are helpful in raising the online visibility of a company. Best Explainer Videos can be used for pitching your business idea to potential investors. Share it in social media like youtube etc. Exploit the power and potential of Best Explainer Videos. Hire us to create Best Explainer Videos that effectively communicates your message. We create the best professional animated videos for your business at affordable price.

VOICE SCRIPT of Best Explainer Videos

      Best Explainer Videos.
    A mate of a mate has promised you the next job, but it just doesn’t arrive. You know, Australian subcontractors and contractors are excellent socialisers. But it means that you will be spending another afternoon hosting a BBQ, buying drinks and entertaining your clients and mates. How many drinks are you buying this time to win that project? It all adds up.
    Of course you could put out an expensive newspaper ad. IF it gave you half a guarantee of getting you a few more clients.
    TV commercial?– those rates are just insane.
    And then you get people talking to you about the website. But how much does that cost? Who would write the texts? How does SEO work? Too many buzzwords and not enough practical results.
    What about hanging around on Facebook and sharing your weekend photos. Common you’ve got better things to do. Like, running your business and doing what you’re good at.
    So you want to promote your business. let’s talk about something that actually works.
    You want to know what works – but I mean, really works?
    People telling other people that you rock at what you do. That’s what works.
    And this is what Subbyfinder can help you with.
    Subbyfinder – a home for Australia’s best subbies.
    It’s a website where you can have your own section, profiling your business and showcasing your best projects.
    And, there’s a rating system in place, kinda similar to how eBay works.
    That means that if you’re good at what you do. Your clients can come on, leave a comment on your page. And tell everyone exactly how happy they were doing business with you.
    Follow the links to see how easy it is.
    It’ll only take you 5 minutes to sign up. And another 5 to upload photos. And we take care of all the rest.
    We get the SEO right, the SEM and the adwords. So that if people look for, the work you do. You’re the one who’s going to show up in their search results.
    For less than you pay for your daily cup of coffee. You and your business can be in front of exactly the people who are looking for you.
    Tell me that wouldn’t help your business. Click that link, and have a look at what we do. I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to join us.
    “Join Subbyfinder.
    It’s how we build.

    If you need a similar explainer video animation please contact us at mailme(at)amodfilms.com

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