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App intro video

App intro video

App intro video

Technical info

Duration: 60 seconds
Fr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

App intro video

This is one of the App intro video created by http://www.amodfilms.com for ReadQuick. – An iphone app available in app-store

App intro video

      Out of many things that the Introduction videos do, the most important thing it does is — in an entertaining way it educates your customers. And an educated customer is your marketing guy. Why? Because once he knows more about your product or services he is most likely to inform others about it. Everyone wants to be seen as a guy with knowledge. Intro videos are most likely to be shared the most through social media sites increasing awareness and in turn increasing revenues..

App intro video SCRIPT

      Explainer Video Examples
    1. White blank screen opens up saying “Online reading is great”

    2. Then a cartoon image shows a guy sitting at a computer hitting “Read Later” and an article jumps out of the screen and lands on him. (make this article look like a newspaper)

    3. then back to a blank white screen that says “AND SAVING ARTICLES TO READ LATER IS GREAT TOO!”

    4. Then back to the guy hitting “read later” over and over again and until he gets buried under a bunch of articles (newspapers)

    5. Back to a blank white screen that reads “…UNTIL IT’S NOT”

    6. Then back to the guy buried under a pile of articles (that look like newspapers) and suddenly we see his hand break free from the pile of articles clutching a phone in his hand. Zoom into his hand holding an iPhone quick cut…

    7. Cut to a white screen with an iPhone 5S says “Introducing ReadQuick”
    The iPhone screen will have the ReadQuick logo and a finger taps the logo.

    8. Then we see the welcome screen that says “ReadQuick”

    9. The iPhone then moves off to the left of the screen and text banners fly out saying: “ReadQuick” and the second line says “TOO BUSY TO READ EVERYTHING?” AND THE THIRD LINE SAYS “SPEED READ THROUGH IT ALL!” While these three text banners are unfolding we can show the general article view with movement…. then…

    10. The iPhone on the screen does a spin move back to the center of the screen and a text banner drops down saying “START OUT READING SLOW”… and the video in the iPhone screen shows the text going at about 250 WPM….

    11. Then the iPhone does another spin move to the right side of the screen and the text banner unfolds to say “Or crank it up and start really flying” (you can break this into two banners.) On the iPhone screen show the video of the user moving the slider from 250 up to 500 words per minute.

    12. Then iPhone slides nicely back to the center of screen with another banner that says “Don’t have any articles saved? No worries, just browse the web with our built in browser” While the iPhone screen displays surfing the web to Foxnews.com. And then another text banner swings out saying “AND SAVE YOUR ARTICLE HERE”. Then then video shows us going back to the ReadQuick list and start speed reading the same article we just saved from Foxnews.com.

    13. Then back to the cartoon guy speed reading through all of his articles. Show his hand holding an iPhone with text flying by… and then show his big pile of articles flying up and off him until there are none left and he smiles.

    14. Then back to the iPhone in the middle of the screen with ReadQuick speeding through an article then the phone spins and falls flat… and text shoots out of the screen saying “INTRODUCING READQUICK 2.0” and another line of text pops up underneath the previous text saying “DOWNLOAD NOW”.

    if you need a similar Explainer video, please contact us at mailme@amodfilms.com

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