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animated infographics

Animated Infographics

Animated Infographics Synopsis

http://www.amodfilms.com created this Animated Infographics Video Animation for subbyfinder. An Australian Start up which is into construction business. Since there is no voice over in this info-graphic video. So we had to present all information through engaging TEXT animation or kinetic typography. Also added along few illustrations with music from youtube creators tool.

    Animated Infographics

    Allow us to create a simple and engaging Animated Infographics. that effectively communicates your message. We create the best professional Animated Infographics for your business at affordable price.

    VOICE SCRIPT of Animated Infographics

    Animated Infographics.

      A skilled subby or tradie could get plenty of business by doing stellar work and relying on word of mouth Sadly, those days are over.
      Problem #1: Rogue ‘professionals’.
      You know the kind: Uninsured, unregistered, unreliable And very often, unskilled to do the job.

      Meanwhile, the good and skilled subbies are working hard to do terrific work. Trying all they can to land new clients.
      Which — many have noticed — has become very difficult.
      These rogue contractors — the cowboys of the industry – have done a lot of damage to the trust consumers have in a subby.

      And that’s only part of the troubles subbies face these days.
      Problem #2: The internet.
      Anyone with a laptop can present themselves as a ‘Professional subby’. Even if they are rank amateurs or a complete rip-off. The internet gives an unfair advantage to subbies who shouldn’t be trusted. Just so long as they are good at marketing themselves. Clearly, this is hurting each and every reputable subby.
      For years, we saw excellent and skilled subbies go tits up. And we decided to put an end to it. It’s time to level the playing field for those subbies who deserve to get the business.
      That’s why we created…
      Subbyfinder is a home for subbies who are worth their salt.
      We work actively to match clients with reputable subbies.
      Our SEO brings up their profile when a customer is looking for their expertise.
      But there’s more:
      Subbyfinder has a feedback and rating system, much like eBay and Amazon have.
      That means a customer can verify exactly the quality of work and service that each subby delivers.
      Suddenly, business as a subby is fair again.
      If you’re a subby and you need more clients.
      or if you’re a client looking to hire a truly awesome subby.
      Then SUBBYFINDER is where you find each other.
      You as a customer can take control: post a project and let subbies come to you with their best offer.
      Then go to Subbyfinder.com.au and let us show you how we’re weeding out the UNQUALIFIED and the UNTRUSTWORTHY.
      Join SUBBYFINDER for free
      Subbyfinder: IT’S HOW WE BUILD.

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    Technical info

    Duration: 120 seconds Fr rate: 30/sec
    Format: HD Video Medium:hand drawn
    Produced by: Amod Films
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