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2d explainer videos

2d explainer videos

2d explainer videos

Technical info

Duration: 60 seconds
Fr rate: 30fps
Format: HD Video
Medium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

2d explainer videos

We created this 2d explainer video for BornGreen Technologies. Explainer videos have become must have items. It is no longer a nice to have item as a marketing tool. If you don’t have an explainer video on your homepage you are turning away many potential customers. Get an affordable 2d explainer video. Contact us now at mailme(at)amodfilms dot com.

Startup Explainer Video

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Creative brief

      2d explainer videos Script
    Let me introduce Erik.
    Every month he gets the company energy bill.
    Unfortunately Erik has no idea where all that energy is used.
    He knows his company has a lot of IT equipment.
    That is often left running even when people are not in the office.
    And last week there was even some more added.
    Erik would really like to know how much energy all this IT equipment is actually using and if it can be optimised.
    He has recently heard that there is a solution that can help him.
    A solution that will give him all the TRANSPARENCY he has dreamt of.
    And that pro-actively manages these devices, SAVES ENERGY, COSTS and have a sustainable impact.
    Erik would really like to know more and decides to get in touch with BORN Green Technologies.
    Next time Erik is looking at the energy bill he finally understands it and can plan for the future.
    To find out more please visit us on www.bgreen-technologies.com

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2d explainer videos

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Amodfilms.com creates the best Simple Explainer Video.

2d explainer videos

2d explainer videos are everywhere. Most of the big companies use our service to promote their business.

2d explainer videos maker

what are short 2d explainer videos?. They are short, succinct and engaging animated intro videos to introduce your web series or TV Show etc. Whether you are selling a product or service, you will need awesome explainer intro videos.

2d explainer videos cost

So how much do 2d explainer videos cost really? Cost varies from company to company. You will get plenty of Cheap service providers. But if you want your business to really stand out, you will need the best. A decent short film can cost at least $5000. There are some of the top video service providers who charge more than $25000. But amodfilms can create a video for as less as $2500 per minute. WE will talk about that in our next blog.

2d explainer Video maker

Amodfilms is the best 2d explainer video maker. We enjoy making 2d explainer videos. We can even help in creating a kick ass script.

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