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Skill: Game Teaser

2.5d animation

Game Teaser Details

Technical info

Duration: 80 seconds
Fr rate: 30/sec
Format: Video
Medium: Computer Animation



Game teaser Trailer created for PSP game Battle Royal. This game teaser is created by Amod Films.

Are you looking for 2.5d animation. Have you been searching for a animated video production company who can create 2.5d animation?

explainer video service

If you answered yes for any of the above questions, look no further.

Amodfilms.com creates not only affordable 2.5d animation but also kinds of animation videos.

2.5d animation Faq

2.5d animation are everywhere.Most of the gaming companies use 2.5d animation.

2.5d animation

what is 2.5d animation?. 2.5D (“two-and-a-half-dimensional”), 3/4 perspective and pseudo-3D are terms, mainly in the video game industry, used to describe either 2D graphical projections and similar techniques used to cause a series of images (or scenes) to simulate the appearance of being three-dimensional (3D) when in fact they are not, or gameplay in an otherwise three-dimensional video game that is restricted to a two-dimensional plane.

Common in video games, these projections have also been useful in geographic visualization (GVIS) to help understand visual-cognitive spatial representations or 3D visualization.[

2.5d animation cost

So how much do 2.5d animation cost really? Cost varies from company to company. A decent animated video can cost at least $1400 per second. There are some of the topexplainer video service providers who charge more than $25000. But amodfilms can create an explained video for as less as $960 per second.

2.5d animation

Amodfilms is the best video service providers. We enjoy making 2.5d animation. contact us now. Please see our 2.5d animation examples by clicking on the portfolio. We can even help in creating a kick ass script.

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