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1. First step: we will send you a script template
2. You will fill it up and send us back with your thoughts..
3. We send you the Voice script for approval
4. You will review/comment/suggest
5. We work on the final draft of the visual script.
6. You will send us your approval
7. We will send you a couple of voice samples to choose
8. We get the voice recorded from the selected VO artist
9. You can send us the high res company logo/screenshots
10. We will send you a storyboard or rough draft video
11. After approval of the rough draft we create final video
12. We send you the final video with sound effect (if any)
13. You will send us your feedback/comments
14. We work on the changes/corrections If there are any
15. We deliver the final video in required format(s)

Animation Production Process

  • The Briefing:

    The Briefing:

    The briefing stage gives us a clear and concise picture of what lies ahead. Outcome of the briefing is as follows.

    • Identifying the objective in order to maximize the resulting impact.
    • Identifying the target audience; and this would address aspects like age, sex, and demographics.
    • Identifying the video style; and these could include line drawing style, Cut outs (stop motion), Hand drawing video scribe, Colored sketches etc.
    • Identifying budget constraints.
    • Identifying the deadline
  • Animation Production Process: Pre-production:

    • The Idea (Conceptualizing):

    The first step in moving ahead with the pre-production stage is to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients through their briefs (however brief they might be); and this is followed by intense brainstorming sessions for the formulation of relevant and effective concepts. In case our clients come to us with an existing concept we do our best to improvise.
    Once we have a foolproof concept to proceed with, we create the script/screenplay.

  • Animation Production Process: Production:

    The production stage mainly depends on the medium that is to be used. We start the following process while referring to the boardmatics we created in the pre-production stage.

    Assets creation. It can be character design, Background or layouts, Icon of font selection, Animation and voice synching.

  • Animation Production Process: Post-production:

    The various aspects of the post-production stage include the editing, audio mixing, etc.Since we are recognized as one of the better animation production companies in India, and since we understand that change is constant, we do our best to tweak the process in accordance to the changing times. After all, no less should be expected from any of the good animation studios in India.
  • Animation Production Process: highlight:

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