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Skill: White Board

whiteboard animation

whiteboard animation scribe video

Technical info

Duration: 140 secondsFr rate: 30/sec
Format: HD VideoMedium:hand drawn
Produced by: Amod Films

Synopsis whiteboard animation scribe video

scribe video or whiteboard animation or video scribe or is perfect for explaining a concept or business. This whiteboard video animation was done by http://www.amodfilms.com. for solution financial and had an outstanding impact. Mainly because it combined the RSA animate style with stop motion animation style. Whiteboard videos are seen mostly throughout the internet on YouTube and Vimeo. The first whiteboard video, though very different from the current style, were the UPS Whiteboard Commercials. This style has been made popular by RSA Animate. Which transferred the books and speeches into the medium of (hand-drawn) cartoon animations through 14-part series of 10-minute animations. And gained 46 million views[12] on the theRSAorg YouTube channel,[13] making it the no.1 nonprofit channel worldwide. Since than many businesses have started using the RSA Style and started to call it by various names as scribing video, doodle videos, speed drawing, hand drawing videos, hand drawn animation, whiteboard stop motion, whiteboard presentation, whiteboard video, whiteboard video animation, rsa animate style, whiteboard video also increase the chances of turning a casual visitor into a delighted customer. Research shows that 55 percent of people who view videos visit the company’s website and make a purchase as a result of watching them! whiteboard animation In today’s fast pace world, when video advertising volume is rising faster, ignoring the importance of an whiteboard animation would not be a wise business decision. Being short, crisp, engaging and audience targeted, they are helpful in raising the online visibility of a company. Exploit the power and potential of whiteboard animation – today! How do you effectively engage your audience without overwhelming them with loads of information? By creating a simple and engaging whiteboard animation video that effectively communicates your message.. We create the best professional whiteboard animation at affordable price.

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